Why Would You Use Multiple Chrome Windows and Tabs

Chrome Windows and Tabs

A friend was at my house the other day and noticed I have a lot of Chrome Internet browser tabs open, and a lot of Chrome windows too. So why do I have so many open at once?

Chrome Windows and Tabs

Chrome Windows and Tabs

Windows, Windows, Windows

One Chrome window on my computer is full of tabs for my daughter’s schoolwork. In fact, her tabs are set as the Home Page, which is what automatically comes up when you open Chrome. That way, she can always get to the work she needs. Since some of these change based on her current lesson, from time to time I will again set the home page.

I usually have another Chrome window open for webpages I visit often. One tab is mail, another tab is my website, and then another tab is my website in administrative mode so I can write these wonderful posts for you. You may want to set your home page in your Internet browser for sites you visit everyday.

Setting Your Home Page

You can set you “Home Page” in Chrome. You might have one tab that opens for you now, but multiple tabs can open. One advantage is quick access to all the pages you use frequently. One disadvantage is they all load, causing you to use your bandwidth or data. In our case, we have 300 Gig per month to use before adding on more charges, so don’t always want a lot to load.

For a tutorial on setting your Home Page in Chrome, visit GCFLearning.com.

Switching Tabs and/or Windows

There are times when you may want to switch back and forth between two webpages. If these pages are tabs in the same window you can hold down the “Ctrl” key and press the “Tab” key. If you have many tabs open, this can take some time since it changes one tab at a time.

If you want to switch quickly between just two pages, make sure you only have two tabs open in your window.

Or you can switch between two windows by holding down the “Alt” key and tapping the “Tab” key. When would you use this? I use it to type in my post, and switch to reference pages or pages I plan to link.

For a tutorial on using multiple windows in Chrome, visit GCFLearning.com.

How many tabs do you have open in your Google Chrome browser?

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