What You Can Learn on YouTube

Use YOUTUBE to Learn

You can learn, study and research on YouTube. Or just enjoy some funny videos for a laugh. Although there is a paid version, so much is available in the free version.



What you can find

You can use YouTube to find a song. This was helpful when reading Laura Ingalls books. You can find some of the songs she wrote about her family singing. Also, when studying classical music, you can search one particular composer to find recordings from various performers.

You can use YouTube to research math curriculum. Various homeschool moms have video’s with details about the math products they have used. With all their insight you can venture out to ones you have not heard of before.

You can use YouTube for tutorials. When we needed to change the rear light on my van, we pulled up the video and could easily see how to remove the cover, which was not obvious from just looking at it.

Sign in

You can sign in using your google account. This allows you to use features. It is also handy, as you can see videos that you have already watched, keeping track to move on to other ones in the series perhaps.


When you click to play a video, you may first see an ad. You can look at the entire ad, or after a time there is an option to “Skip Ad.” As a viewer know this is how we get to see the videos for free. If you are producing video’s to place on your YouTube  channel, this is a form of income.


Once you have subscribed to someone, when you arrive at the home page they are included in the recommended videos. In the left navigation you will see your subscription list and can click on one of them to see the most recent.


As mentioned earlier, you can study a composer for classical music. Playlists can be handy to queue up multiple videos that are related.

Click for tutorials for using YouTube.

What do you want to learn on YouTube?

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