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Weather App on the iPad

You can keep up to date with the weather app from The Weather Channel®. The app is available for IOS (Apple) or Android. Instructions below are for an iPad, as the iPhone app layout is different. This information is for the Weather app Version 4.4.1.

TWC Weather App

TWC Weather App

Weather App Installation

You will need to download “The Weather Channel® for iPad” from the App store which is free.

  • GET
  • Input your iTunes password.
  • OPEN

Weather App Instructions

Once you have installed the Weather app, you will need to input the location(s) you want to see.



Press on the circle in the center of the screen to see current conditions. When your weather first shows up, “Now” is selected at the top of the screen.

You can press “Forecast” or outside the circle to see the forecast. You swipe across and back in the forecast section to see the 10 days listed. If you swipe across and back outside of the forecast area, you will switch to other locations you have added. While in the 10 day “Forecast” you can press on a specific day. Today and the next day show hourly reports, the rest of the days do not.

Weather App Radar

TWC Radar

TWC Radar

Press Radar at the bottom of your screen to see maps. By default it will show the location you had selected. You can choose from 9 maps, in 3 different views. To change the maps, press on layers in the upper right area of your screen.

TWC Radar Layers

TWC Radar Layers

In the upper left area, you will find a play button (small blue triangle) that shows the information over the past couple of hours. This can be handy to see what direction a storm is traveling so you can make plans to be safe.

Weather App for a Trip

If you are planning a trip, you can press on the airplane. You input the location and then “Add Dates” you plan to be there. A calendar pops up. You press the beginning date and then the ending date and “Done.”  If it is beyond 10 days from now, instead of a forecast, there will be averages listed. Press on the dates area and it will slide over with more information. Press on it again and it will slide back.

Press on the map to the right and you will see a map that you can enlarge. Press again will move the map back and you can then press on the averages below for a chart. Depending on the location, you can see the coolest and warmest time of year for this location. In Hawaii it also shows the driest and wettest time of year.

Also, in the lower area there is a comparison to the location you had selected before viewing your trip. When you are through looking at your trip, press done in the upper left area.

Weather App Search – Saved Locations

TWC Saved Location

TWC Saved Location

Press the magnifying glass at the bottom right of your screen to see all your “Saved Locations” along with the current temperature. You can have up to 10 locations at a time. If you need more than 10 locations, you might want to consider using fewer locations in a close geographic area. If you still need more, refer to the Weather app for a Trip section above.

TWC Edit Saved Location

TWC Edit Saved Location

Press “Edit” in the Saved Locations, to delete locations or rearrange their order listed. You may need to delete locations if you need space to add more. Rearrange locations so your home is the first one in the list, then place them in order moving further away from home for travel. Additionally, press the information button to the right of any location to change settings. This includes:

  • Set as home location
  • Location Nickname
  • Notifications: pollen alerts and severe alerts

Weather App Alerts

You may not be able to practice this when reading this information. If there is an Alert, you will see it across your screen below the location. Press the orange or red area to see the alert(s). On the left of the screen you will see the list of alerts, and in the right you can scroll through to read the alert. If there is more than one alert, then press each one in the left area.

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