New iPad Setup – iPad How To

iPad Setup

So I have been setting up a new iPad for a family member. Here is some information that you might find useful for your ipad setup.

iPad Setup

iPad Setup

Time to Setup

If necessary, charge your new iPad. Once charged, you need to turn the device on. When you have the iPad facing you with the camera at the top and Home Button at the bottom, you can press the button on the top right.

You may want to look over the first link below before starting the process to see if you need additional information as you go through. For example, do you know the password for your wifi? Do you already have an Apple ID, or need to set one up? You may skip setting up an Apple ID, and set it up later, Settings, iTunes & App Store. Check back on this page for more links you may need.

Here is a link to Apple’s support page with step by step instructions to “Get Started with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.”

Here is a link to setup your passcode. In step 4 of the above setup you have the option to setup a passcode, if you did not set it up, or you need to change it you can use these instructions.

Here is the link to setup an Apple ID. Note, in step 9 you have the option to provide a rescue email address, this cannot be the same as the email address given as your Apple ID.

So, to be clear, you need your email address, which will also become your apple id. If you have a rescue email, it cannot be the same as your Apple ID. You also need a password for your Apple ID which is used to download apps. But that should not to be confused with the passcode, which is a 4 or 6 digit number for unlocking the iPad itself. Here is a link About your Apple ID email addresses.

Once you have your iPad setup, there are many apps you can use.

What do you have planned for your new iPad?

Post your comments below.

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