Netflix Streaming, Entertaining and Educational

Netflix Streaming Online’s focus is on helping you use technology. So let’s talk about using Netflix Streaming for entertainment and education. On Netflix you can choose from a variety of genres for both movies and tv shows. And there are so many ways to watch them.

We originally signed up for the educational documentary DVD’s, before using Netflix streaming. Now with streaming you can watch anytime without waiting for DVD’s to be returned in the mail and the next one shipped.

Netflix Streaming

Netflix Streaming


The first month is free, then you can choose from 3 plans, Basic, Standard and Premium. You can watch from sources listed below. You have unlimited access to movies and tv shows. Basic and Standard has HD, but only Premium has Ultra HD. The biggest difference is the number of devices that can be used at the same time. 1 for Basic, 2 for Standard and 4 for Premium. So you need to think about how many people in your family would be using Netflix at the same time. The prices:

  • $7.99 Basic
  • $9.99 Standard
  • $11.99 Premium

Where you can watch

  • PC or Mac Computer
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Android phone or tablet
  • PS3
  • Wii
  • Xbox 360
  • For a more extensive list Click on “Connect a Device.”


Once you are logged into Netflix, you will be given the choice of “Who’s watching” if you have set up profiles. You can set up to 5 separate profiles so each member of your family can see suggestions for their preferences. Also, there is a “Kids” area where the categories are tailored to kids, you can even search by characters. You can set this area “For Little Kids only,” or “For Older Kids and below.”


Our Internet service provider limits us to 300 GB per month, so we have to keep an eye on the amount of Netflix we watch. You can change the “Data Usage Per Screen,” but this must be changed for each profile. Note, you cannot do this for the kids profile.

  • Mouse over name of Profile in upper right of screen
  • Click “Your Account”
  • Click “My Profile”
  • Click “Playback Settings”
  • Choose the setting you want
  • Click “Save”

Watching on Netflix

Once you login with your profile, you are given various groups to see as you scroll down. Each of these can scroll left to right for more choices. Some groups include:

  • “Continue Watching” – for things you have seen before, which is handy for moving to the next episode in a series.
  • “My list” – you can add to your list as you look at different shows available.
  • “Popular on Netflix”
  • “Trending Now”
  • “New Releases”
  • Specific categories

You can also get to categories from the menu at the top left of your window. On a pc this is “Browse,” on an iPad app this is three horizontal lines.

In summary, you have many choices with Netflix streaming – pricing, devices, and variety of shows.

What do you watch on Netflix?

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