How to Order Eyeglasses on Zenni Optical

You can save a great deal of money When you order glasses online.

Even with insurance you can end up paying a lot of money for glasses. Our insurance pays for new frames every two years, new lenses every year. Even with all the extras, with Zenni when you order eyeglasses you pay much less than with insurance.  Zenni Optical has an A+ rating with BBB.

This tutorial may help you order your glasses. If you need additional assistance you can chat with them online or contact them at:

(800) 211-2105 (5am – 9pm PT, 7 days a week)

Order eyeglasses online

Order eyeglasses online to save money.

Our experience

My daughter lost her glasses, and we were able to go to Zenni Optical and purchase new ones for $26.70. This included:

$6.95 Frames
$4.95 Standard anti-reflective coating
$3.95 Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses
$1.95 Words written on one inside arm
$3.95 Her name written on both outside arms
$4.95 Shipping

If we had not added any extras, it would be frames and shipping, for a total of $11.90.

The price of shipping is per order. When we ordered glasses for both my husband and me we just paid $4.95 shipping. In addition to free shipping on more than one pair of glasses, you also receive free for each pair: “CASE AND CLOTH, ANTI-SCRATCH COATING, UV PROTECTION”

Prescription and Pupillary Distance

Before going to the site, make sure you have your prescription from your doctor, you should also have your pupillary distance. This number is the distance in millimeters between your pupils. It ranges from 31-80 in the refinements. If you did not get this from your doctor, here are instructions to measure your pupillary distance.  Here is a Video for measuring PD. Also see graphic with more information about PD.

Instructions to order eyeglasses

1. When you first arrive at Zenni Optical you can choose Women, Men or Kids in the navigation at the top. But that narrows what you can see. At the time of this post, there were 2,253 frames to choose from on Zenni Optical. They range in price from $6.95 to $45.95.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and find “Quick Links”

Click “All Glasses.”

3. You will also see a picture to the right. You can upload your own picture to see how the frames would look on you. If not, at the bottom right of the picture you can click an icon of a person for more photos. Choose the one that works for you. As you select frames, they will show on this picture.

4. Now click on “Refine Your Search.”

Click + beside Pupillary Distance (PD) to show glasses that work for you. It was frustrating to look at glasses, and then find out they were not the right size for Pupillary Distance.

Click Single or Dual. If your doctor only gave you one number then choose Single.

Click the down arrow next to “Select.”

Click the number for your PD.

Use additional refinements as needed. This will make the list of available frames less to look through.

5. Once you have all the refinements you want, you can sort.

Click the down arrow next to “Bestsellers”

Click the choice you want (I choose “Prices Low to High”)

6. As you move your mouse over each picture, it shows that frame on the photo to the right. Even as you scroll down the page, the photo continues showing to the right.

You can click to see more about that particular frame. Or if you want to see just the frames you like, when over the glasses, move up and click on the heart for it to make it a favorite. These will show under the photo to the right. Below that list you can click on “View All” to see only your favorites on one page.

If you already have glasses you like, you might want to take some measurements to see what works for you. For example, one pair of glasses I purchased at my doctor office was not as wide as I would like. I often have my glasses on top of my head when I do not need them. These glasses fell off when I would lean over. So I don’t even wear those anymore.

7. Once you have found the pair you want. You might also have the option to choose the color. If so, choose the color before clicking “Order Glasses.”

8. You are now at the prescription page. Depending on the type of prescription you need, will make a difference what you need to type in.

After you input your prescription, make sure and click in the checkbox next to “Save this Prescription” so you will not have to input it for future purchases. Type in “Prescription Name” (we use the first name for the family member that the prescription belongs to.)

Fill in “Date of Prescription.”
Select “Renewal Reminder”
Click “Next”

9. Lenses & Tint

Choose your “Lenses.” This can vary, for example I have “Progressive” so there is a fee. My daughter does not, so there was no fee. Choose a tint if you want one.

Click “Next.”

10. Choose your “Add-Ons”

“Anti-reflective coating”

“Clip-on Sunglasses/Sunshades”

“Custom Engraving”

Click “Add To Cart”

11.  Look over your order.

Below the “Checkout” button, you can click “Continue Shopping” if you want to purchase enough to get one free, continue looking at other glasses and add them also.

12. If you are new to Zenni Optical, you need to complete your contact information. This is very handy for future purchases as your prescriptions are saved.

13. Input your payment information. This is also stored for future orders.

14. Review your order.

15. Complete your order.

They send you an order confirmation, and when it is shipped they send you an email with the tracking number for the package.

What eyeglasses did you buy?

Post your comments below.

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Crystal Foose - September 29, 2016 Reply

I will be checking this out. My daughter needs a pair for when she doesn’t watn contacts in and I just can’t stomach the price at the eye doc anymore!

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