Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search

You can use Google search for all kinds of things. The power of the Internet is that there is so much information out there. The drawback of the Internet is there is so much information out there. So here are some tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for.

Google Search

Google Search

Searching on Google

First go to to type in or click on the microphone to say your search.

As you begin typing, Google will automatically show a drop down list of possible search terms. You can continue typing, or either use the arrow keys or mouse to select one from the list. At the top of the list you will find what you have searched for in the past. As you type more characters, this list can change.

Google Operators

You can restrict your results by using operators.

  • Put your search in quotes to make sure it uses the whole phrase. If not in quotes, then it may give you results with all the words or just some of the words.
    Example: “how to sew”
  • Looking for that great recipe you saw the other day on a site. If the site has a search you can use that, but you can also search for it at Google. Type in what you are looking for, then type site: and the web address. I have found that sometimes you do not get results if you include www.
    Example: vegan chili
  • You may be getting results that is another meaning for the same word. You can exclude words from your search with the minus sign in front of the word not wanted.When I searched for online safety, many sites have training for OSHA so that needed to be excluded.
    Example: online safety -kids -children -osha
  • There may be two related words that can expand your results. Use OR to get more results. You may even see comparisons for the two items.
    Example: chrome OR explorer

More training

Check for more training on Searching the Internet.

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