3 Things about Cellular Data Settings that can Save You Money on Your Phone Bill

cellular data settings to save money!

Have you ever gone over your monthly limit for your cellular data plan? This could cost you money.

I want to make sure you are saving money. So adjust your cellular data settings so you do not use more data than necessary.

Recently we were away from wifi a great deal of time and ended up using all of our data on the cellular network plan we have with AT&T. They began sending notices of the usage overage and additional fees charged. This was confusing since no one on our data plan was using it at the time.

After speaking with customer service I found out the information we were receiving had about a 3 hour delay. Also she told me about the “Cellular Data” setting on our iPhones and iPads.

Save money by adjusting your cellular data settings.

Save money by adjusting your cellular data settings.

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Jen - August 17, 2016 Reply

Thanks really great article on how to save money on our phones. Many people I know don’t even have home phones anymore so this was perfect. Thanks so much!

Lauren - August 17, 2016 Reply

Great tips – unfortunately not all cellphones have the option to simply shut off data, but it is definitely a good choice. I like to change my phone to Airplane mode when I am not using it – saves both data and battery. I also changed the sync settings so that Facebook, email etc. do not sync as frequently, that saved a lot of data!

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