3 Sites You can use to Find out the Value of an Automobile

What is your car Value?

Whether you are buying or selling, you want to know your car value. You can use Iseecars as written in the post: “3 sites to use when buying or selling an automobile.” Here are 3 other sites you can use for finding the value of a car, truck, or suv.

Auto value

What is your auto worth?

Finding you car value

Prices can vary so you may want to use all three that are listed below. For these you need to know:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Trim
  • Miles
  • Additional options

1.  Nadaguides.com matches the NADA which our credit union uses, helping me know the car value they will finance.

You can drill down with the above list. Then you see “Rough Trade-in,” Average Trade-in,” “Clean Trade-in,” and “Clean Retail.” If you are looking to buy a car, they have a link to calculate payments.

There is a link to “Car Listings” next to “Values.” This displays listings for the auto you were searching. When you click the links for those listings they go to AutoTrader.com.

Nadaguides.com also has links to see the value of motorcyles, RV’s, boats, classic cars, and manufacture homes. Look for these links at the top navigation.


2. Kelly Blue Book seems to be what the auto dealers are using. So this can help you see what to expect to see on a car they have listed.

When you are inputting the information, you need to choose if you plan to sell to a dealer or to a private party before seeing the value. Once you see the value, you can click to the other option. From this page you can also place an ad with AutoTrader.com.

You can compare up to 4 vehicles at one time on the “Car Compare.” So this page shows the MSRP, but there is a link just below that for “What should I Pay?” From this you can see the Fair Purchase Price for newer automobiles.


3. Edmunds includes a feature when you appraise a car, in the last step you have the option to provide your name and email address for them to send you a report. Otherwise, you can see the report on the webpage.

The results show “Trade-in,” “Private Property,” and “Dealer Retail.”

Here is an article for “10 Steps to Buying a used car“, and an article for “10 Steps to Selling your car.”

If you are interested in a new automobile, they have a “Price Promise” that finds you the best deal on the specific one you want. You then print the certificate to take to a dealer to purchase the automobile.


What is you car value?

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