3 Sites to use when Buying or Selling an Automobile

Buying or selling an automobile overview

Whether you are buying or selling a car, truck or SUV, you want to make sure you are not getting a lemon, yet getting the best value. You can purchase or sell a car from a dealer or private individual. They can be found online or in the classifieds.

Buying or selling an automobile

Buying or selling an automobile

Finding an automobile online

Below are some sites I have found to be helpful. All three provide research. You can search by various criteria, and sort by most of them. For example, you can look for:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year range
  • Price range
  • Distance from your location

1. Autotrader provides information about buying and selling both new and used cars.

Selling has two options. One feature is “Sell your car,” you can use this to list your car on the Autotrader site. You can choose from different prices to pay that vary by length of listing and number of photos.

Another feature you can use is “Trade in your car.” You input the information and then receive offers from various buyers. We have used this and received an email in a few minutes from a dealer where we sold our car that same day.

Also, you can “Value a car.” More on car values in another post.


2. Iseecars shows you where it stands in the market value. You can also set up an alert. They will email you results for your search on a regular basis.

With “Price my car,” you can input the VIN and find the value of a specific automobile. More on car values in another post.

I have not used the “Sell your car” feature of this site. When I clicked the link to get more information, it required a login. After searching through the site, there was no obvious price listing for selling your car.


3. Carfax provides information such as how many owners, any accidents and service records. Service records are not always complete as not all repair companies report. But if they have been serviced at a dealership you should see that information.

To view the full carfax for an automobile, you input the VIN. You pay to see the report. You have the option to pay for 1 report, 5 reports or unlimited reports for 60 days.

There are links to the following free services at the bottom of the page:

  • myCARFAX™- this requires you to sign up and login
  • Lemon Check® – shows if there are any Manufacturer Buyback or Lemon records.
  • Record Check – this tells you the number of records the automobile has, but does not tell what type of record. They could be service, accident, etc.
  • Recall Check – this requires you to sign up and login to see the information.
  • Sample Reports – view what you could see.
  • Odometer Check – shows if there was a problem with odometer.


Are you looking to buy or sell a car?

Post your comments below.


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