3 sites to learn more about technology

Computer training

You have so many sites to choose from with computer training. Here is a list of some sites that may be helpful. The links will open in a new window. So when you are through browsing through each site, you can return here to look at the others.

These do not require you to sign up with an account to use the tutorials. You can easily navigate these sites to find and use the content.


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3 sites to use for learning technology

1. GCF Learning has a variety of topics for various levels. You can even find out about Windows 10 and why you would want to upgrade.

You can progress through the courses and skip lessons you may not need. For instance, if you have already set up an email, you can skip that lesson to continue learning about how to use the program.

The link below goes to their main page. You can see there are various topics. You may want to browse through the lessons in “Technology” and “Microsoft Office.”


2. Microsoft provides free online training for Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel and many other programs. .

This link takes you to the most recent version (2016), but you can use the search in the upper right side to search for 2013 or whatever you are using.


3. eHow has been around for a while so they have many tutorials. But not just old technology, they even have information about the latest OS for iPhones.


What sites do you use for learning technology?

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J. Renee Daniels-Nordyke - June 26, 2019 Reply

I liked GCF Global Learning site. It is very helpful in choosing the topic I need immediately to gain information and implement in my documents.

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