3 Reasons to visit DMV.org

Department of Motor Vehicles

To round out the automobile posts this week it would be helpful to explore DMV.org. There is much more you can explore on this site than listed below. This is a privately owned site, that provides information and links to help you use the services at your DMV.

DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles

DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles

Some things you will find.

1. License and ID

Whether you are getting your license for the first time, or moving to a new location, you can find links to the handbook for your state. Select your state, and scroll down to find a link for “Driver Manual.” Many states links go directly to a pdf file, others go to a page with various links. Some states have more than one language, California even has audio for some manuals and video for ASL (American Sign Language.)

If you are not a driver, they also have a page to see the requirements and documentation needed to get an identification card.

2. Registration and Titling

Once you buy a automobile from a dealer or private party, you need to take care of the car registration. Additionally, you can find links to title transfers.

3. Buying and Selling

If you are buying or selling a car with a private party, you will need paperwork for the sale. States that require a bill of sale are listed. If your state is listed, you can read the details of what is required, including a link to the state’s form when available.

If your state does not require a Bill of Sale, DMV.org has a “free, printable, generic bill of sale.”

Many other forms are available for your state. For example, you can get forms for drivers license, title, and Application for Mississippi Assigned Vehicle Identification Number for Homemade Trailer. If you are moving to a new state, this can be so handy to quickly access information to update your records.

What do you want to find at DMV?

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