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Social Distancing

You may be affected in one way or another by the current Pandemic. Here are some resources to help you keep up. (Some links are affiliate links, which means you not pay anything extra, but they pay a referral fee to support this site.)

CNN 10 minutes news  (Only during the school year)


World Health Organization has links to see the numbers for worldwide.

WHO Mythbusters.

Coronavirus Dashboard has the numbers for worldwide, broken down to specific areas.

World O Meter shows not only coronavirus, but other deaths. Some reports are for today, some are for this year.

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The CDC is the leading national public health institute of the United States. You will find updates and how to stay well.

It can quickly spread. (YouTube Video from CDC)

State by State Breakdown – CNNLivescienceCOVID Tracking

See your local information by inputting your zip code.

Activity books to keep busy during this time (ad)

Social Distancing


Alabama – Need Help?NewsNumbersUpdates

Alaska – NewsNumbers

Arizona – NewsNumbers

Arkansas –NewsNumbers (scroll down to see numbers)

California – Executive OrdersNewsNumbers

Colorado – NewsNumbers

Connecticut – NewsNumbers (click TEST DATA)

Delaware – NewsNumbers (scroll down to see numbers)

News (Scroll down for “Review case, monitoring and PUI information on the latest COVID-19 Daily Report”)

Georgia – NewsNumbers

Hawaii – NewsNumbers

Idaho – NewsNumbers

Illinois – NewsNumbers

Indiana – NewsNumbers

Iowa – NewsNumbers

Kansas – NewsNumbers

Kentucky – NewsNumbers

Louisiana – NewsNumbers

Maine – NewsNumbers

Maryland – NewsNumbers

Massachusetts – NewsNumbers

Michigan – NewsNumbers

Minnesota – NewsNumbers

Mississippi – Executive OrdersNewsNumbers (Another source includes a graph.) – SocialTestingPPE providers in MS

Missouri – NewsNumbers

Montana – NewsNumbers

Nebraska – NewsNumbers

Nevada – NewsNumbers

New Hampshire – NewsNumbers

New Jersey – NewsNumbers

New Mexico – NewsNumbers

New York – NewsNumbers

North Carolina – NewsNumbers

North Dakota – NewsNumbers

Ohio – NewsNumbers

Oklahoma – NewsNumbers

Oregon – NewsNumbers

Pennsylvania – NewsNumbers

Rhode Island – NewsNumbers

South Carolina – NewsNumbers

South Dakota – NewsNumbers (scroll down to see numbers)

Tennessee – NewsNumbers
Gov. Lee Requires Tennesseans to Remain at Home as Data Shows Increased Activity Among Citizens in effect until April 14, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.
Shelby County DA: Anyone not following stay-at-home orders can face jail time

Texas – NewsNumbers

Utah – NewsNumbers

News (Scroll down for “Updates”)
Numbers (Scroll down for “COVID-19 Activity in Vermont”)

Virginia – NewsNumbers

Washington – NewsNumbers

West Virginia – NewsNumbers

Wisconsin – NewsNumbers

Wyoming – NewsNumbers

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***Safe Grocery Shopping***

Hand washing – great to see how you might think you have cleaned thoroughly.

List to disinfect.

EPA registered to clean

DIY Mask – paper towel.

“Bottom line: Paper towel captured fewer particles than other DIY mask materials tested by researchers at Cambridge. However, if it is the only material you have, it is better than nothing.”

How to make a simple paper towel mask.

Surgeon General about making a mask.

Should you wear a face shield instead of a mask? CDC says no.



Dr. Oz video about hydroxychloroquine sulfate 200 mg with azithromycin (z pack antibiotic)


Causes and deaths by age


Details about it:



Unemployment Benefits Finder


Not a remedy, but help build the immune system and recover better.


Spanish flu



Arby’s drive-thru deals – changes weekly



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