15 Steps to Set Up an Online Business

Are you starting a new online business website?

Not sure what to do first?

There is a lot more to do than writing the content for a website/blog. Follow along with instructions to have you up and running. Below is the list. Want more details on each step?

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Setting up a new online business

Setting up a new online business

  1. Main topics (Facebook Live Video)
  2. Branding  (Facebook Live Video)
  3. Domain name (Facebook Live Video)
  4. Web hosting (FaceBook Live Video)
  5. WordPress (FaceBook Live Video)
  6. Themes (FaceBook Live Video)
  7. Email (FaceBook Live Video)
  8. Social media sites (FaceBook Live Video)
  9. Social media automation (FaceBook Live Video)
  10. About page (FaceBook Live Video)
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Legal pages
  13. Affliliate links
  14. CRM
  15. Signup forms

For a limited time get your free copy of “15 Steps to Set Up a New Online Business.”

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