2020 Resources

Social Distancing

You may be affected in one way or another by the current Pandemic. Here are some resources to help you keep up. (Some links are affiliate links, which means you not pay anything extra, but they pay a referral fee to support this site.) CNN 10 minutes news  (Only during the school year) Worldwide World […]

Education Resources

_____ I am writing this blog post to gather resources during this time of unexpected school closings. After homeschooling for many years, I have found resources that help. Some are free. Some have a fee. At this point there are many new free resources being provided. Bookmark this page, and check back as I plan to […]

15 Steps to Set Up an Online Business

Are you starting a new online business website? Not sure what to do first? There is a lot more to do than writing the content for a website/blog. Follow along with instructions to have you up and running. Below is the list. Want more details on each step? FREE for a limited time, click here […]

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search You can use Google search for all kinds of things. The power of the Internet is that there is so much information out there. The drawback of the Internet is there is so much information out there. So here are some tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for.

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